100 new sounds for the Sequential Prophet-6 synthesizer.

This sound set includes pads, leads, drones, evolving sounds, percussion, and arpeggios.

After your purchase, you will receive a download link via Dropbox. The downloaded folder contains:

    • a SysEx file (.syx) that will load into User Bank 1 of your Prophet-6 (program numbers 000-099)
    • a PDF file with notes and a list of sounds

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13 replies on “Sequential Prophet-6 Sounds

  1. Hi Mike,

    Tried to buy the patches but Paypal Ireland seems to be locked out. I could purchase directly fro you if that works for you?

    Simon (sofine from DSi form)


  2. Hi Mike. I like your website. And I liked some of your demos, and so consequently bought your sound pack. Unfortunately, for me, it is almost useless. I need bread and butter sounds. Bass mainly, but any basic sounds will do. I don’t wish to be negative, but I do wish to be honest: And most of the sounds are excessively bathed in effects. Good for showing what the mighty P06 can do. But of no use in my track development. Too many soundtrack wooshes, and not enough funky bass to be honest. This synth is capable of being the funkiest synth in town! But I’m going to have to end up deleting 90% of the sounds, as they do not work, except as dramatic overlays. I’m looking for sounds that give my tracks body. Am I able to claim a refund? Whilst wishing to support you, I have to continue to support myself. I don’t want to offend you. But it’s better that I don’t lie. 🤓


    1. Hi Si,

      Thanks for your honest message.

      I have uploaded 3 lengthy SoundCloud demos that demonstrate about 90% of the sounds that are included in the sound set. Furthermore, the decription reads, “This sound set includes pads, leads, drones, evolving sounds, percussion, and arpeggios.” Nowhere did I advertise bread and butter sounds (although I’d say there are a couple) nor a wide selection of funky basses. As for the effects: These can always be deactivated.

      So whilst I’m sorry that the sounds don’t meet your standards or don’t correspond with your style, I also provided enough material to give the prospective buyer a good impression of what to expect. Hence, no one can argue that I misled anyone to do a blind bargain.

      If I didn’t provide a description and no demos, you’d have a point. But since the sound set is not advertised falsely, I can’t offer you a refund.

      Kind regards,


  3. Hi Mike,

    Love the sound of the patches. Can you advise how I would get them onto the Prophet? Is it through the Soundtower editor?



    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for your message!

      In order to load the sounds into your Prophet-6, you will need an application that is capable of opening and sending MIDI files, such as MIDI-OX for Windows or SysEx Librarian for Mac OSX.

      The according applications can be found here:
      Windows: http://www.midiox.com/zip/midioxse.exe
      Mac OSX: http://www.snoize.com/SysExLibrarian/

      Open the MIDI application of your choice and load the SysEx file (pd_prophet-6_patches.syx) into its browser. Before you send the file to your Prophet-6, make sure that the Prophet-6 is selected as the destination/MIDI device. The SysEx file will load into User Bank 1 of your Prophet-6 (program numbers 000 to 099).

      Hope that helps.

      Kind regards,


    1. I’ve programmed arpeggiator settings for a couple of sounds, but no polyphonic sequences for each sound. Mostly because the poly sequencer is a note recording tool, not a parameter automation tool. So it’s good for recording parts for a specific song or as a sketch pad for musical ideas. That also makes it less related to sound design as such. Since we all have different musical ideas and different opinions on how a particular sound should be used, I decidedly left the sequences blank.


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