The pseudonym “Paul Dither” has been used ever since late 2011, right after Mike Hiegemann performed as part of a fundraising event for the artists’ collective Open Lot. The event was called “Nashville City Limits” and took place at Nashville’s The End. This basically resulted in his contribution for that night ending up as the first Paul Dither recording: A collage of lyrics about Nashville interpreted by the infamous Apple® voices Vicki and Alex. The naturally stoic duet is accompanied by swirling drones and layered loops of a Korg Monotron synthesizer, a Dub bass, and occasional Kraut style beats.

However, even though the resulting piece, “The Nashville Scene,” has to be considered the first effort under the banner “Paul Dither,” pieces that predate this recording as far as 2007 have been associated with the pseudonym thereafter.

Paul Dither can be found on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and YouTube. If you’d like to collaborate – which Paul is always eager to do – and happen to produce your tracks with Ableton Live, you can also get in touch with him via the music creation platforms Splice and Blend.

Enough talk, here’s some music for you: