Voices from the Electronic Music Network

The past few years have seen a resurgence of analog and modular synthesizers, interfaces that allow for innovative forms of control and expression, and numerous digital advancements that reshaped the production and consumption of music. Simultaneously, a growing community contributes to the discourse on music technology from various angles, either by creating blogs, hosting forums, podcasting, publishing books and reviews, or producing online tutorials.

“Nodes & Wires” is a series of conversations with people who regularly respond to today’s aspects of electronic music, whereby ‘electronic music’ does not refer to a generic genre, but rather everything that relates to the paradigms that arose from the introduction of synthesizers up to the means of music creation in the digital age. In what could be described as a case study, “Nodes & Wires” aims to provide a platform that allows for the connection of dots and various key subjects in an attempt of mapping the current electronic music network. What’s being bundled in consecutive episodes is meant to highlight overarching tendencies as well as peripheral approaches alike to do the polyphony justice that characterizes present discussions.