100 new sounds for the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet ’08 and Prophet Rev 2 synthesizers.

This sound set focuses especially on pads, layered and evolving sounds, percussion, and arpeggios.

Originally programmed on a Prophet ’08, these patches are also compatible with its successor, the Prophet Rev2, and all Mopho and Tetra models. Keep in mind though, that most patches will need some tweaking after having been loaded into a Mopho or Tetra, since they have been designed on an eight voice poly-synth.

A wide range of sounds make use of an expression pedal as a modulation source. In a couple of cases, more than just one parameter has been programmed to be altered by an expression pedal. If you do not use an expression pedal and would like to find out whether or not a sound’s modulation destination is controlled by one, I would recommend to check out the modulation matrix on your Prophet ’08 or Prophet Rev2.

After your purchase, you will receive a download link via Dropbox. The downloaded folder contains:

– a SysEx file (.syx) that will load into Bank 1 of your Prophet ’08 or Prophet Rev2
– a Prophet Bank file (.p_b) for users of the Prophet ’08 or Prophet Rev2 SoundEditor by Soundtower
– a PDF file containing notes and a list of sounds

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